A mentoring-based approach in 1-2-1 tutoring of Mathematics at secondary, post-secondary and university (first year) level; from initial assessment to programme for learning sessions applying assessment for learning (AfL) methodologies with regular homework assigned and checked; consolidation of concepts is carried out by past exam paper attempts and filling in any learning gaps. Tutoring methodology has been tried and trusted for over 30 years.

(Outstanding Maths Tuition)

I struggled with A level maths and my tutors at college advised me to stop taking the subject as they did not believe I would be able to pass the course. Mahmood gave me confidence in my ability at maths and motivated me to do well. I now have an A in A level maths. I am very greatful for his help and would recommend him as a tutor.

(Molly Fitches)

My daughter has been with Outstanding Maths Tuition since the age of seven years. She is now due to take her GCSE in 2012. Her tutor has been very methodical and result-oriented in his work and she has developed her Maths concepts tremendously. She worked hard with her tutor during the primary years and got maximum output during her SATs tests. Her tutor mentored her so well in her secondary years that she now understands how to gain independence in learning any subject.

(Mrs R Butt)

I contacted Mahmood as I was concerned about my progress in maths. His friendly and constructive sessions encouraged and helped me. I would not have achieved an A Grade GCSE without him. Without these sessions I don't think I would have half as much confidence going into my A-Levels. Mahmood always tells me that his success is my success. I have succeeded, and so has he and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

(Thomas Cox)

A real positive learning experience, both supporting and enhancing my son's regular college studies. The tutorials provided a solid knowledge platform, enabling my son to tackle even the most onerous of maths problems with a far greater degree of confidence. Most importantly, the results of the weekly coaching sessions were manifested in successful university entry exam grades at the end of the year.


I felt my son was underachieving in GCSE Maths at school and Mahmood was recommended to me. After an initial assessment, Mahmood devised a learning package for my son which also included structured exam preparation. There were regular checks on his progress and I felt Mahmood had a very good understanding of my son's strengths and weaknesses. The one-to-one tuition enabled my son to talk through problems that he felt unable to discuss in class. My son now has an A* at GCSE and, with Mahmood's help, I am expecting similar success at A Level!

(Mrs D Parmar)

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My name is Mahmood Ahmad. I obtained my first degree in Pure Mathematics in 1989 from Bahauddine Zakariya University, Multan (Pakistan). In 2005, I completed my MSc in Computer Science from University of Bristol. From 1991 to 2000, I served as a faculty member and then Senior scientifc officer at Postgraduate Computer Training Centre in Islamabad. I have also been a team member in a Robotics Laboratory where I was involved in modelling and 3D simulation of robotic systems using object-oriented design.
I am 43 years old, having started tutoring in the age of 11 years. I started this very rewarding profession initially to ease financial burden of my education off my mother. It had an additional benefit for me to clarify most of learning by teaching and correcting myself. This self-critic approach also appealed to some of my students who took this profession as a part-time activity. Since 1979, my student, some older than by myself, have been successful in their careers in Pakistan Army, Engineering, Research in numerate disciplines .
I n UK, I have been tutoring at 1-2-1 level since 2000 in the fields of software development at university level and Mathematics at secondary, post-secondary and university levels. My UK students come from households having professions in school leadership, engineering, business, accounting, Royal Army etc. Some of my students were advised to leave the subjects as their school/college suggested that they were not suited to Mathematics. Thanks to the parents' confidence in my guidance, these students excelled in their mathematical abilities and brought highest grades in GCSE and A-Levels.
I believe in hard work and expect hard work from my students. My approach is based on initial assessment, programme for intervention, assessment for learning (on-going assessment), past exam paper attempts and reflection on performance along with my students. Students will work off-time on their weaknesses in accordance my plan and adapt their approach in a self-critical way to maximise their grades.


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